Inspired Traveller's Guide Spiritual Places por Sarah Baxter

November 22, 2019

Inspired Traveller's Guide Spiritual Places por Sarah Baxter
Titulo del libro : Inspired Traveller's Guide Spiritual Places
Autor : Sarah Baxter
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 1, 2018
Número de páginas : 144
ISBN : 1781317429
Editor : Aurum Press

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From the manmade splendour of the Easter Island Statues in the Pacific Ocean, to the medieval pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago that stretches to Spain, discover places that will be a balm to the mind and a tonic to the soul. 

Travel journalist Sarah Baxter has carefully curated a selection of the 25 most spiritual destinations from around the world – places that hold the promise of rare and profound experiences, whether areas of natural beauty imbued with spiritual significance or sites constructed for worship. From breathtaking scenery to religious capitals, Sarah's enlightening text reveals the full story of each place, combined with evocative tales of previous visitors that will both delight and inspire. 

Accompanied by beautiful hand-drawn illustrations that convey the unique tranquillity of each place, Inspired Traveller’s Guide: Spiritual Places takes readers closer to these sacred locations than ever before.