Not Blowing Smoke (English Edition) por Steven Cohen

December 12, 2019

Not Blowing Smoke (English Edition) por Steven Cohen
Titulo del libro : Not Blowing Smoke (English Edition)
Autor : Steven Cohen
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 5, 2011

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Steven Cohen has experienced many loves in his life and is constantly amazed that despite the passing of the years many of those loves are not diminished at all. Inside this collection of three biographical narratives the reader will experience episodes from Cohen’s life, a life largely formed by the presence of sport. From the story “The Day My Dad Saved The FA Cup,” we see how Cohen fulfilled a childhood dream of clutching the FA Cup and then learned the ones we depend on most while growing up are sometimes needed more than ever as an adult. In “Growing Up In The Desert,” Cohen writes about his Army days, days that included both his greatest personal footballing glory and the harsh reality of a disaster that took the lives of seven teammates and 248 friends and co-workers. Longtime listeners of Cohen’s radio show will know about his love for the sport of cricket, but most of his American listeners probably know very little about the sport. Cohen has included a long essay on cricket in order to explain his own personal love for the sport and to explain the sport to newcomers; it is entitled “An American’s Guide to Cricket.”

Word Count: 37,500

About the Authors:

Steven Cohen has been called “The voice of soccer in America” for his role in promoting the sport as the co-founder and former co-host of World Football Daily, as well as its television spin-off, Fox Football Fone-In. Now that Cohen has hung up his broadcasting boots, so to speak, he has turned to the written word to express his love for the beautiful game and to tell his own history.

Rory McLean is a historian, author, and youth soccer coach based in the heartland of America.