Hell is Real por ERIC FOLDS

February 28, 2020

Hell is Real por ERIC FOLDS
Titulo del libro : Hell is Real

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The Science of Postmortem Survival is located at the University of Virginia in the Division of Perceptual Studies. The Department has studied case after case of people who survived death for decades. The academic world was introduced to the study of Near Death Experiences long ago with the International Association of Near Death Studies. The experts have shared findings and over 3400 cases have been reviewed and studied by psychiatrists and psychologists. This book is based on over 30 years of research completed in the science of postmortem survival from the University of Virginia and the International Association of Near Death Studies. The team of experts provide the results of the Scientific Study of the Near Death Phenomena based on interviews with eyewitnesses that survived clinical death and other scientific data. The book also provide the truth about that what the Bible calls demons and Satan and with what the government knows as real Alien Encounters, UFO sightings, Ghosts, poltergeist activity and other paranormal events. We also examine the works of many mental health clinicians and explain how the professionals discovered that most mental illnesses are the result of demons in the mind based on therapies designed for clients to exorcise the demons. We probe into the historical evidence for Alien Encounters and the UFO phenomena and define the purpose. We also examine what The Bible says about Hell. Who on earth goes to Hell? Will any preachers be in Hell? Where is the underworld located? What is the evidence for Hell? Who has been fooled? Who really was Jesus? Does everyone go to Heaven? What kind of rewards and consequences are awaiting us in the afterlife and why? Are UFO's real and what is the truth about Aliens? Hell, UFO's, Aliens, Satan, and Heaven is real!Dr. Eric Folds, Ph.D. is the Senior Pastor of The Christian Church of God in Milwaukee, Wisconsin since 1997. He is the founder of Christian University of Theological Seminary and the author of Science Discover God: The Mystery of Quantum Physics and Light, Love and Relationships: Kindness and Empathy over Bullying and Psychological Abuse, Healing for the Soul: An Enigma Unraveled, and God, The Gospel, and Atonement, and Heaven, Hell, and Near Death Experiences. He has also been the Outreach Director of the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Dakota, District Council.